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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yet another weekend in Shanghai

Some more cool pics from last weekend in Shanghai. I went to MoCa (Museum of Contemporary Art) ; a place I like to go. I've been there 3 times already, and every time I am impressed by the exhibitions there. There (already) was an exhibition of photographs of the earthquake in Sichuan. Pretty graphic stuff. Some young kids from art school were making drawings, based on the photos. It was very impressive.

There was also an exhibition of Thonik, a Dutch advertisement bureau. They exhibited ads for SP party and other things. Very strange seeing Dutch posters, newspapers and other items there.

Chen Yi with SP advertisement
Museum Thonik exhibition hall

Our dinner that night. Oh my god it was good! This is a typical Chinese meal; we ate this with 4 or 5 people, It is potatoes, fish, duck and cabbage. I don't think I want to have it any other way anymore now....

The Dutch queen over the years. This thing was on display in that museum. *(don't ask me why)
Oh Amsterdam
Our dinner on Saturday. It has been a long time since I ate any Western food. This was a cool and cheap restaurant, and hao chi (delicious) in a way. It was good for a change.
This young girl was drawing a sketch of a photograph of the Sichuan earthquake disaster.
I don't know what Jan Marijnnissen is doing here in Shanghai, but it was cool.
A drawing a child made of the Sichuan disaster; seen on TV.
Oriental Pearl Tower; Pudong, Shanghai
The tallest building in the world; now almost finished. The first time I saw this thing (2 years ago) it was only some scaffolding from a muddy pit.
May 12, the day of the disaster. All the Chinese people I know feel so sympathetic with the ones who have died in Sichuan. It is on TV all the time, and like this painting, little children paint paintings like these. This one was seen on TV a lot; it was a wake in Beijing with many candles to commemorate the dead of the earthquake in Sichuan. More than 60.000 people have died and everyone here is donating money and I even know some people who have gone there to help as volunteers; so this pic is a real image from TV.
Lovely little monster I encountered on the way in Shanghai
Exhibition on the Dutch Socialist Party (SP)
"Famous faces"
'Bassie 'is back in town
A little bird shop we encountered along the way
"nu" = now. Dutch socialist party's slogan.
Puppies for sale

Monday, June 02, 2008

Romantic weekend in Xi Tang old water town

Just came back from a weekend in Xi Tang, an old romantic water town about 2 hours from Suzhou.

See below for the pics.

Old woman's hand in door
Xi Tang local
Tourist kid
Blue sky over temple
Tea pots at the bus station
Rice bowl
Shifu not invited for the picnick
Xi Tang old town

Xi Tang old woman