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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

M 50, Shanghai and the Suzhou traffic

"Heavy load"

Not uncommon to see motorbikes with 5 cases of beer on the back, or huge bags with plastic, paper or any other recyclable waste. It can be sold for a few cents per kilo.

"Dancing LEDs"
"Dancing LEDs 2"

I went to an area in Shanghai called M50. There used to be textile mills, but they are now converted into exhibition halls and artists live and work there. All around are sky scrapers, and the place is quite unusual. Above are some installations of moving LEDs on canvas.

"White cat"
"Graffiti in M50, Shanghai"
"Taxi in M50"
"Chen Yi"
"2008 Olympic torch relay in Suzhou"

Last weekend the Olympic torch relay hit Shanghai and Suzhou. There were crowds of people everywhere, and the streets, that have been cleaned and repainted for weeks, were packed with cheering people. There was going to be a large ceremony, but because of the Sichuan earthquake, this was canceled. There was one minute of silence before the even started. Some famous people took part in the relay: the vice president of AMD Asia, a retired sportswoman (87) and some other famous government officials and sports people. With all the craziness (the traffic was jammed all morning), the actual event only took two hours...

"Do not please shoot"

Chinglish. "Qing wu pai she [please do not take a picture of this]. I only translated the characters when I got home, after having taken the picture! Haha.

"Mass barbecue in Suzhou"

BBQ skewers by the truck load. This place is just outside the university campus. In the back are boxes full of meat and vegetables, and people order by the dozen. It's a nice place to hang out in the hot summer nights here.

"Leaves on the ground"
"Old man with child in park"

Parks are hard to find in the big cities in China. Fortunately Suzhou has many. This poor old man was left in charge of his grand son, while the parents were out flying a kite (I think :)

"Afternoon in Suzhou New District"

Suzhou has three districts: Down town, SIP (Suzhou Industrial Park), where I live; a large business park that is built 12 years ago in cooperation with Singapore, and SND (Suzhou New District), where I work as English teacher. This place is 20 years old and has factories and large business service centers. It takes more than one hour to go from one district to the other. A new metro is being built now, from East to West, but it won't be finished until next year. because of this, the traffic is always jammed.

"Running man in Suzhou traffic"
"Jia Le Fou"

Recently, many Chinese people have begun to boycott Carrefour, because they support the Dalai Lama (they say). Many Chinese believe that the D L was behind the protests in Tibet of recently.
Brand names are usually translated by pronunciation. Jia Le Fou literally means happy house. Coca Cola (Ke kou ke le) means: makes your mouth happy. And so on.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Photoshoppings and other sundries

Here some random photos I've been keeping:

School girl in Palawan (Philippines)
Pickle (Suzhou)
Roots (Palawan, Philippines)
Shanghai, Spring festival
Worms, Shanghai, May 2008
Mysterious relic in Mt. Province, Philippines
Monk by the Mekong (2007, Luang Prabang, Laos)
Fishing boats in Mui Ne (2007, Vietnam)
Lonely Palawan dog (Philippines)

Shanghai Yun
Coron Boy (Philippines)

Coron Cross (Philippines)
"Fruit Tea" (SIP, Suzhou)

"Old suit cases", (Shanghai, May 2008)
"Got my camera eye on you" [Iggy Pop] (Suzhou, May 2008)

"Table is served" (Suzhou May 2008; my classmate's birthday party)
Promotional photograph for Jose Cuervo Tequila (Suzhou May 2008)
Self portrait. The characters read: "Shanghai"
A bird my friend caught in Shanghai. It has broken its leg, and she's taking care of it for the time being.
White cat in window of old Shanghai building
Dragon fruit
Reflection of girl in train
"Making friends"

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I had my exams this week; passed them all ;) It's amazing how much Chinese I've learned in two months. I can already have a simple conversation in (broken) Chinese haha.

What else happened... Well, I ate some more strange food, like camel, sheep hoof, rabbit leg and snails. Horse meat, fish brain, duck blood, many chicken claws, pig's intestines... only things left to try are monkey and snake. ( haha)

Here some random pics from Suzhou and Shanghai, due to lack of inspiration:

The characters read A Li Ba Ba; a karaoke bar near my house :)
View from my room. This is just a residential building, for as far as I know. These laser beams can be seen throughout the city, so I can always find my way home, hehe
...And they love neon here in China
View from the other side, this building has light shows of moving images. It is a big software development company.
me getting a shoe shine near the railway station.
Pudong, Shanghai once again. Every time I visit there is a new sky scraper.
Some building across my street was demolished over night. Chinese work ethics...