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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Strawberry Festival Beijing 2009

The May day celebrations this year featured a 3-day music festival in a park (Tongzhou Park) just outside Beijing. The annual "MIDI-Festival" was moved to another city this year, but the Strawberry Festival was a good substitute.

Large crowds gathered to see the popular Chinese rock and folk bands, but there were also international (American) bands who attracted mostly foreigners.

The Main Stage

DJ Liman

Colorful festival goers

More colorful party people


Great way to spend a sunny weekend!

The Pet Conspiracy gave a great show!

Professional equipment. It seemed like everyone had a camera; and big ones too!
As this was the first time for this festival, everyone was eager to capture the atmosphere.

Rock couple :)

Note the tattoo, and the group of policemen watching :)

The main stage

Unusual fan

One of our friends, holding balloons

Saturday, May 02, 2009

more impressions from Beijing

Photos from walks around Beijing in spring

For "pain or pox", I now know where to go!

This old man is practicing calligraphy on the pavement with a large brush and water. He is writing a Chinese poem. His art only lasts for a minute or two, before drying up.

Bicycle and old couch in a hutong

Super scooter :)

A young policeman standing guard at the Olympic Park

Plants in the Old Summer Palace (Beihai park)

Mops hanging to dry in a hutong

An old man flying a kite. He is a professional (as far as flying kites is concerned)

Hidden pavilion in the park surrounding the Old Summer Palace

Endless flowers

Brass door knocker in a hutong

Door knockers

A wall of the White Dagoba in Beihai Park, covered with Buddha reliefs

Panda hat

"Old hutong"

Bicycles in front of a store in a hutong

The 'bubbles' of the Aqua Center in the Olympic park by night. The buildings there are beautifully lit, but the strong wind is annoying.

Close up of the 'Bird's Nest' by night

Close up of the 'Bird's Nest' by night

Zoom effect on the 'Bird's Nest'