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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Back 'home'

... And so my visa could not be renewed :( Although I was promised I could spend August as a tourist in China, they would not give me a visa extention and I had to leave the country.

They told me on August 29 that I could not stay, and so I had to rush to get everything sorted. I had to leave my room, move all my stuff to my girlfriend's house, change my flight (I'd booked a flight to Germany on the 20th) and say goodbye to all my friends in Suzhou.

Bloody Olympics. No foreigners are allowed to stay in China during the Games, only visitors to the actual Olympics. I don't understand why they made this rule, as China and Chinese usually like foreigners and welcome them everywhere. Anyways, I will apply for a new visa in a couple of weeks and return to China on the 7th of September.