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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Night photography in a park in Tianjin

Here are some photos my girlfriend made some night, in a park in Tianjin. The park is built on a small hill made from garbage. Now there are trees flowers.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


We moved to Tianjin on Monday, and have lived in our new place for a week now. Here are some photos:
View from our back window. We live on the 11th floor of an 'old' building (built in 1998). It is so old, that there are no cables for Internet. We have to use wireless.
View from our front window. After having lived in Beijing for nearly a year, it is so calm and quiet here :)

Our study room with balcony

We bought fish

Study room with computer




The living room
The decoration in our place is somewhat old fashioned, but this is much better than the newly built apartments, which all look like hotel rooms.


View from the kitchen

Living room

More fish

Our new birds. We bought a male and female couple, and hopefully have some eggs soon :)

Their favourite spot

They are always together

When we bought the birds, we got this kitten for free. A policeman, who was hanging around at the animal market, gave it to us for free.

I have been very busy this week with job interviews, and have already taught a few classes. I teach English to children, adults and business English class. The wages are very good here, because there are not so many foreigners in Tianjin. In Beijing are too many, so I couldn't find a teaching job there. Here there seems to be a big demand for foreign teachers.