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Friday, January 25, 2008

And I'm back in Manila.

I spent two weeks in Coron, living with a local family, taking it easy. It was very cheap, as I only had to pay for food. We used to go to the market every day and I bought a big fish for 1 Euro, and the whole family could eat together. Below some photos from Coron (Busuanga Island).
Cock fighting. Every weekend there is cock fighting in the afternoon. A lot of money goes around. I bet 200 pesos and lost :( I couldn't understand how the betting works, so I let someone else do it for me and he bet on the wrong rooster. There is a lot of shouting and strange hand signals, and the actual fight lasts for only 1 minute, usually ending up with one cock dead. The winner gets the meat after the match.
Tuna. Most days this was my lunch. There are many ways to prepare this fish: fry, cook, make a soup or eat it raw with vinegar and lime juice. Delicious!
These kids live next door the the family I stayed at.
Coron Island. In the last few days I stayed there, a low pressure area had formed and there was a storm most afternoons. This particular one caught us in the middle of a long walk through the woods, and we had to take shelter in an old rusty truck.
Ready for battle
Coron is all about boats. Things to do are diving, snorkeling or 'island hopping'
More funny kids
Life in Coron is pretty relaxed. This guy had built his own guitar.
Sunset from the ferry from Puerto Princesa to Coron.
Many houses in Coron are built on stilts. The one I stayed in too. It is easy that way, because all garbage or food leftovers go straight out of the window.
Nice Fish!

Monday, January 14, 2008

I've been travelling around Palawan island for the past three weeks. Lots of adventures:

The best way to travel here is to sit on top of a bus or Jeepney, but sometimes pigs take your place :)
This is El Nido, a beach town in the North. I stayed here only one night, as it is expensive and there was no way that I could travel further North from here, and so I took a bus back to Puerto Princesa, the capital.
A little bit of rain caused this mess. Our bus got stuck for 2 hours, until we were pulled out by that bulldozer. As you can see, the roads here are in pretty bad shape. They are building new highways everywhere, but there is no way of knowing how long they'll take to finish; probably many years.

This is Sabang, and the view from my cottage. It's nice waking up to this view every mornind don't you think?